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Indy Nanny Connect is in the business of helping you find the right nanny for your family — someone with experience that you can trust completely to care for your child. We know that finding this kind of quality nanny can be time-consuming, overwhelming, and downright frustrating. Let us take the stress out of the process so you can focus on the real priority: choosing what’s best for your family! Fill out the form below to start the process of connecting with experienced nannies in Indianapolis. For questions about our placement services, please review our frequently asked questions or contact us.

Please check all that apply.
Please include all hours you anticipate needing childcare on a weekly basis and corresponding days.
Describe your child or children's daily routine, list any duties you expect a nanny to perform in your household, and include any special circumstances your family may have.
Pet care is any care directly related to a pet. This includes but is not limited to letting out, feeding, walking, or cleaning up after a pet.
This arrangement is sometimes treated as a nanny share reflected in pay rate.
Nannies are considered by the IRS to be household employees without exception and therefore must be paid an hourly rate.
A contract provides a layer of protection for both parties.
Paying legally includes issuing a W2, paying overtime for any hours exceeding 40 in a single work week, and reimbursement for mileage.
Guaranteed pay is a fixed amount paid to your nanny for a set amount of hours per week, regardless of use. This is a standard benefit provided to most nannies.

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